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Democratisation & New Voter Mobilisation in Southeast Asia

As Southeast Asia entered the twenty-first century, the procedures and practices associated with democracy had become important social facts in many parts of the region. By the 1990s, competitive elections in Thailand and in the Philippines had (re)emerged as the primary mechanism for the assumption of state office. By the turn of the century, Indonesia, the region's most populous country, had likewise experienced two peaceful transfers of presidential office, as well as the country's freest and fairest election since 1955. Meanwhile, opposition parties made strong showings in federal elections in Malaysia, seizing control over state assemblies and increasing their share of seats in the national legislature.

The papers presented (extracts of which are reproduced in this Special Report) and the discussions that took place at the LSE IDEAS Southeast Asia International Affairs workshop held in February this year, captured a vibrant phenomenon in the democratic process in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand which makes full use of the offerings of ICT (information and communication technology) while also employing the more traditional means of garnering political support. 


Preface: The evolution of Southeast Asian democracy
Dr. Munir Majid, LSE IDEAS

Introduction: Democratisation & New Voter Mobilisation in Southeast Asia
Dr. Eva-Lotta Hedman, LSE IDEAS

Forms of Campaigning and the Transformation of Political Parties
in Indonesia

Dr. Andreas Ufen, German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Moderation and the stagnation of the PKS in the 2009 legislative election
Mr. Syahrul Hidayat, University of Indonesia / Exeter

Message, Medium and Mobilisation in Malaysia: Paradigm Shift or Business as Usual?Prof. Joseph Liow, S. Rajaratnam School of Int’l Studies

Reflections of the 2008 Malaysian General Election: Role of the Internet in Political Communications
Mr. Ibrahim Suffian, Merdeka Centre for Opinion Research

Mobilising Voters in Southeast Asia: Take Thaksin, Take Thailand
Prof. Duncan McCargo, University of Leeds

Popular Mobilisation and Thai Democratisation: Thai Politics in
Late Rama IX Era

Mr. Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation Newspaper

Beyond Machine Politics? Reformism, Populism and Philippine Elections
Dr. Eva-Lotta Hedman, LSE IDEAS

Digital Democracy and Voter Mobilisation in the Philippines
Dr. Emmanuel Yujuico, LSE IDEAS