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Eurohealth Volume 14 Number 2


Pharmaceutical Policy

1. Editorial - Cost containment: impact and consequences|

Melinda Hanisch and Panos Kanavos

3. Pricing pharmaceuticals: value based pricing in what sense?| 

Alistair McGuire, Maria Raikou and Panos Kanavos

6. Pharmaceutical pricing in France: a critique|

Philippe Sauvage

8. Can Europe afford innovation?|

Thomas B Cueni

11. Innovation and regulation in the biopharmaceuticals sector|

Jim Attridge

16. Challenges in the economic evaluation of orphan drugs|

Michael F Drummond

18. Generic medicines from a societal perspective: savings for health care systems?|

Elizabeth Seeley and Panos Kanavos

22. Does pharmaceutical parallel trade serve the objectives of cost control?|

Panos Kanavos and Stacey Kowal

European Snapshots

27. When will it happen? Paving the way for risk adjustment in Slovakia|

Lucia Kossarova

Health and Development

29. The 'Price is Right'? Promoting local production for ARVs in Sub-Saharan Africa|

Kinsley Wilson, Jillian Cohen-Köhler and Alan Whiteside

33. Public-private sector partnerships as a means of development in Africa, in the context of HIV/AIDS|

Gavin George and Tim Quinlan

Evidence-informed Decision Making

37. "Myth Busters" We can improve quality one doctor at a time|

39. "Bandolier" On limitations|


Ensuring affordability, safeguarding innovation|

David McDaid (Editor); Sherry Merkur (Deputy Editor); Philipa Mladovsky (Deputy Editor)