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Eurohealth Volume 14 Number 3


Medical Devices

1. Financing medical devices in Europe: Current trends and perspectives for research|

Elio Borgonovi, Reinhard Busse, Panos Kanavos

4. The procurement landscape for medical devices in England: Recent developments and applications to wound care|

Corinna Sorenson

7. Financing medical devices: The case of implantable cardioverter defibrillators and coronary stents in Italy|

Giulia Cappellaro, Aleksandra Torbica

9. Reference pricing for outpatient medical aids in Germany|

Michael Bäumler, Jonas Schreyögg, Sabine Meissner, Reinhard Busse

Public Health Perspectives

12. Cancer control in Europe today: challenges and policy options|

Delia-Marina Alexe, Tit Albreht, Martin McKee, Michel Coleman

Health Policy Development

16. Lampedusa and pharmaceutical distribution: community pharmacy in the 21st century|

Ricard Meneu

19. The over-the-counter pharmaceutical market - policy and practice|

Christine Bond

25. Development and use of the Japanese case-mix system|

Shinya Matsuda, Kohichi B Ishikawa, Kazuaki Kuwabara, Kenji Fujimori, Kiyohide Fushimi, Hideki Hashimoto

30. e-Health in Canada: Lessons for European health systems|

Denis Protti

European Snapshots

33. Assessment for reimbursement: Collaboration at EU-level, the MEDEV-experiment|

Ad Schuurman

34. Moldova: Using social health insurance to reduce out-of-pocket payments and improve equity|

Erica Richardson

Evidence-informed Decision Making

36. "Risk in Perspective" Ozone and mortality - an update|

39. "Bandolier" Pharmacy care in older patients|