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Eurohealth Volume 15 Number 2

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Health Policy Developments

1.The effects of parallel trade on affordable access to medicines|

Dermot Glynn

5. Going Private? The growth of voluntary health insurance in Denmark|

Karsten Vrangbaek

9. Improving efficiency of allocating public funds to phamaceuticals: A pilot study in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia|

Khaled A Al Hussein, Ali S Al Akeel and Jim Attridge


15. Belarus: developments in primary care|

Valentin Rusovich and Erica Richardson

17. Poland: will legal restructuring affect the (real) economy of hospitals?|

Adam Kozierkiewicz

18. Italy's new fiscal federalism |

George France

Public Health Perspectives

20. Increasing the use of health impact assessments: is the environment a model?|

Rebecca Salay and Paul Lincoln

Palliative Care

23. Transforming research into action: a European Parliament report on palliative care|

Jose M Martin-Moreno, Meggan Harris, Lydia Gorgojo, David Clark, Charles Normand and Carlos Centeno

Perspectives from the US

26. Health information technology in the United States: can planning lead to reality?|

Natasha Desai, Brendan Krause and Marin Gemmill-Toyoma

Evidence-informed Decision Making

29. "Mythbuster" In health care, more is always better|

31. "Bandolier" Assessing relative efficacy of antidepressants|