Scholars in the Department of Geography and Environment are all attentive to methodology. We are, by choice, a methodologically- diverse group of researchers whose techniques range from quantitative methods and formal modelling to qualitative methods and structural, historical, and narrative methods.   Below, we do not list all the methods that are used, but some of the research that is specifically devoted to methods:

•  Comparative urban studies

•  Long term uncertainty, economics, deep uncertainty
   (S. Dietz|)

•  Environmental valuation
   (S. Mourato|)

•  Research methods, spatial dependence
   (E. Neumayer|)

•  Working with large-scale data sets: firm level

•  Integrating New Economic Geography, Urban Economics, and Growth/Change
   into coherent frameworks
   (R. Crescenzi|, S. Iammarino|, A. Rodriguez-Pose|, M. Storper|)

•  Spatial econometrics
   (S. Gibbons|, H. Overman|)

•  Epistemological issues in studying suburbia
   (A. Mace|)