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I want a new phone or PDA and I have not had a school provided one before

Please follow these steps:


1. Check that your department will pay for your device out of the departmental budget. You should speak to your departmental manager or head of department as appropriate.


2a. If you only need a mobile phone to make/receive voice calls and texts, contact the Information Management and Technology Telecoms team at (telecoms@lse.ac.uk|)


2b. If you need to use your phone for other features, such as email or accessing the web, discuss your requirements with the IT Service Desk|.


3. Once we understand what you need, we will recommend a suitable handset and monthly call/data plan. To help you understand what will be provided and the total cost to your department, we will summarise this in the Mobile Equipment Declaration Form| (.xlsx)


You will be asked to accept this form to acknowledge that you've read the Policy on the use of mobile telephony equipment| at LSE and agree to the Conditions of Use of IT Facilities at LSE| (pdf).


We will also ask the budget holder to approve expenditure by clicking on the Approve or Reject buttons in the email so that they agree to pay for all the costs associated with your device.


4. Once the form has been approved, Information Management and Technology will order the device from Orange (the School's contracted mobile telephony supplier) and we will contact you when your new handset arrives (this should normally be within 5 working days).


5. If your device requires connection and synchronization with your PC/Laptop, then the IT Service Desk will make arrangements to set this up for you.


If you have any further queries, please contact telecoms@lse.ac.uk|.