Clothing and weather

The weather in Britain is rather changeable and unpredictable, but rarely suffers from extremes of heat or cold. The average daily temperature in winter is about 4C (39F), and in summer 18C (64F). It can get quite cold and windy in winter, but summers can be warm and sunny, although it may rain at any time of the year. The Met Office| can give you reliable weather forecasts. The BBC provide five day weather forecasts, see BBC Weather|

In cold winter weather a warm coat and sweater are needed out of doors, but most places indoors will be warm. The best compromise is to wear several layers of clothes. Waterproof clothing and shoes are essential. It may be cheaper to buy warm clothes for winter after your arrival in Britain.

When you arrive at the end of September it will be the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. Daytime temperatures in September are likely to be in the range of 12C - 16C, but the evenings and nights will be colder. You should ensure that you have a sweater or coat with you for your journey, especially if you are arriving in the UK early in the morning.  

In general terms, 'named' or 'designer' style clothing is expensive in London. There are however many alternative types of clothing and the range on offer in London should suit most budgets and tastes.  For a comprehensive guide to shopping for clothes and everything else in London try the Shops and Services| section of the Time Out London| website.

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