Electricity supply

The British electricity supply works on 230 volts, so if you bring any electrical goods from home you must be able to use them safely on this voltage, or use a transformer.  Be sure that you purchase a transformer from a reputable retailer to avoid blowing a fuse.

Most buildings in the UK have sockets for 13 amp square pin fused plugs. A 3 amp fuse (red) is needed for stereo equipment, clocks, electric blankets etc, and a 13 amp fuse (brown) for heavier domestic equipment such as kettles and hairdryers. Adapters can be bought locally to adapt plugs to fit British sockets. It is most important not to overload sockets with too many plugs. Overloaded sockets are at risk of overheating and may cause fire.

Remember that certain appliances (televisions, computer peripherals etc) use a lot of electricity when in standby mode. To save energy, switch off appliances when not in use. For more information about energy efficiency, see our sustainability pages.