English law

While you are in England you are subject only to English law, just like everyone else.

You should be aware of the following relevant points.

  1. The list of prohibited illegal drugs is comprehensive. Importing, using or possessing such a drug is a serious offence and commonly leads to imprisonment and/ or deportation. When someone has more than a very small amount the law assumes that they propose to sell drugs, for which the penalties are particularly severe.
  2. The possession - and in general the use - of firearms is absolutely prohibited. Even the police are armed only rarely and on special occasions. You are also not allowed to carry knives.
  3. All adults are equal at law, and there are Acts of Parliament (backed by the School's own policies and procedures) outlawing discrimination on grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation, religion, age and disability. Harassing people on these grounds will make anyone liable to legal action. The School goes further than this, and students may be disciplined for discriminatory behaviour or harassment that is not actually illegal.
  4. While the level of personal violence is much lower than in many countries, you should take all normal precautions, particularly after dark. Take advice about areas of London you might want to visit, and don't display expensive items such as jewellery where you are not safe from thieves.
  5. There are many prohibitions on smoking in public places, for example on public transport, and there may be more in the near future. The public consumption of alcohol is in principle confined to premises specially licensed for the purpose.  Please be aware that the minimum age for drinking alcohol is 18 years.
  6. Everyone from inside the European Union is normally allowed to take paid employment subject to the School's rule that you should not work more than 15 hours per week during term.  This is also generally true for people from outside the EU but there are some restrictions. If you are allowed to work you will have to pay taxes along with everyone else.
  7. If you plan to drive in Great Britain, make sure that you know the rules about licensing, driving and parking: they will certainly not be the same as those with which you are familiar.  Penalties are severe for driving under the influence of drink or drugs.  If you choose to cycle, remember that the laws of the road apply to you exactly as if you were driving a car. Please see Driving in the UK.
  8. If you are not an EU resident and leave the country at any point you may have difficulty getting back in. Make sure that your passport and visa are in order before leaving .

If you get into trouble at any point, seek advice at once. You can talk to your Academic Advisor tutor or the Students' Union Advice Centre|.