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Spanish in Motion

Spanish in Motion focuses on the use of documentary films and cinema techniques in the acquisition of Spanish for specific purposes (i.e. the social, political and economic sciences).

An article on this project, Spanish in Motion: un proyecto de acceso a la realidad sociocultural hispana by Lourdes Hernández-Martín, Rafael Peñas-Cruz & Roser Martinez-Sánchez was published in November 2011 with the Encuentro de Junio.


The project has four complementary areas:


We focus on how the use of cinema techniques, used in the making of documentary films, can contribute towards enhancing motivation and learning during the acquisition of Spanish as a modern foreign language for specific purposes (i.e. social, political and economic sciences). The activities created, using cinema techniques, are published in our blog under the section called Con una cámara. The research will include the compilation of a database of documentary films related to the Hispanic world. In our blog, this section will be called Docuteca.


The Spanish in Motion Team organises three screenings per academic year of documentary films related to the Hispanic world. Each screening is followed by a discussion in Spanish with filmmakers or experts on the issues presented. As well as LSE students, the screenings are open to the general public and are well publicised amongst different institutions related to the Spanish-speaking world. Some of our screenings are organised jointly with the Cañada Blanch Centre for Contemporary Spanish Studies and all of them are organised in collaboration with the LSE Students Society of Cinema.

Resources Development

  • The Spanish in Motion team creates language material to be used in the classroom before each screening to help students understand the social, political or economic context of the documentaries shown as well as to facilitate their linguistic comprehension. The team creates a student booklet and a teachers’ guide. For each screening, two sets of activities are created: one for level A2-B1 and one for level B2-C1 following the Common European Language Framework.
  • The activities produced include video interviews with film directors or experts and audio material produced in-house.
  • All those materials are sent via email to our mailing list which includes teachers of Spanish in universities and secondary schools. The material is also available at this web page (see Screenings) and they are also posted on our blog.
  • Splash into Spanish/Cinema. This is a new activity for the Spanish in Motion Team. A section called Splash into Spanish will be introduced in some cinema events in London (such as the London Spanish Film Festival). In this section, the Spanish in Motion team will develop linguistic resources related to the documentary films presented in those events with the aim to create a link of communication between both cinema culture events and the Spanish classroom.
  • Still Spanish is a workshop for the creation of multimedia essays which is integrated in the degree course LN121 Spanish Language and Society (Beginners). While students learn Spanish, they also learn about multimedia essays and its uses, basic principles of photography composition, script writing and storyboarding as well as editing images and sound. The project includes a session, in Spanish, with professionals in this field (photographers, film directors, others). The pilot project took place in 2009-10. Students created two multimedia essays. Project 1: LSE I like, I do not like. Project 2: Urban space: London. Samples of the work of these students can be found here. Spanish in Motion would like to thank Synister Recordings  for allowing LN121 students to use its music. More information and materials on this workshop can be found on our Blog (in Spanish).

Blog (in Spanish)

A platform to publish and disseminate research and activities, to facilitate interaction with other teachers/students of Spanish (both in Higher Education and Secondary Schools) The blog includes the following sections: Docuteca (data base of documentary films), Con una cámara (activities based on cinema techniques) and, Ojo crítico (space for students to publish essays). The blog, a more flexible tool than a web page, allows us to receive feedback which will help us to measure our performance and impact.

Spanish in Motion en conversación con John Carlin
Este año, Spanish in Motion organiza, como primer evento del año académico 2015-2016, una conversación en español con el periodista y escritor John Carlin. Durante la charla, Rafael Peñas Cruz, escritor y profesor de español de LSE, charlará con J. Carlin, entre otros, sobre su experiencia como periodista en contextos geográficos tan diferentes como Sudáfrica, […]

Nueva etapa de Spanish in Motion
El proyecto Spanish in Motion tal y como se inició en el año 2007 finalizó en 2012. Sin embargo, Spanish in Motion continúa organizando eventos y produciendo vídeo-entrevistas para el aprendizaje-enseñanza de español. Para más información, podéis contactar con los miembros del equipo en en: Uncategorized

Segundo documental de Spanish in Motion V: Maradona de Emir Kusturica
Nuestra segunda sesión de Spanish in Motion V es Maradona de Emir Kusturica (en español con subtítulos en inglés), 2008, 90 minutos El director serbio Emir Kusturica nos presenta la extraordinaria historia de  Diego Maradona: héroe deportivo, héroe popular, ídolo caído e inspiración para millones de personas. El director contó con la colaboración de Maradona […]

Primera película de Spanish in Motion V: Suite Habana
Para el año 2011-2012, la sección de español del Centro de Lenguas organiza la 5ª Sesión de  Spanish in Motion. Este año se proyectarán dos documentales bajo el título: El color con que se mira.  Esta Sesión tiene dos protagonistas llenos de contradicciones: la capital cubana, La Habana, y el jugador argentino Diego Armando Maradona.  […]

Rocío de F. Ruiz Vergara: documental censurado
(Interesante artículo publicado en Blogs&Docs) Por Concha Barquero, Diciembre 2010 Rocío es una película cercenada, desaparecida y olvidada. Un retrato combativo y desmitificador de la famosa romería onubense, firmado por Fernando Ruiz Vergara como realizador y por Ana Vila como productora y guionista, que ha pasado a la historia como la primera película secuestrada judicialmente […]

Organisers & Contacts

Forthcoming events will be advertised here and via LSE Public Lectures and Events but for further information please feel free to contact the Spanish in Motion Team (Lourdes Hernández-Martín, Rafael Peñas-Cruz & Roser Martinez-Sánchez) please email

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