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Dr Myria Georgiou

Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department

Dr Myria Georgiou is Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department at the Dept. of Media and Communications, LSE. She has a PhD in Sociology (LSE), an MSc in Journalism (Boston University) and a BA in Sociology (Panteion University, Athens). Her research focuses on migration and diaspora, media and the city, and the ways in which media contribute to constructions of identity and meanings of cultural diversity. For more than 18 years she has been conducting and leading cross-national and transurban research across Europe and between British and American cities. She has also worked as a journalist for BBC World Service, Greek press, and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation.

Her PhD was conducted under the guidance of Roger Silverstone and her doctoral thesis was an ethnography of media consumption and identity construction within the London Greek Cypriot diaspora. After her PhD, she took up a postdoctoral position at the LSE, working again with Roger Silverstone (EMTEL2 Network; FP5), and conducting the first ever mapping of diasporic media in the EU. Dr Georgiou has served as the Chair of the Ethnicity and Race in Communication (ERIC) Division of ICA (2009-11); she is the founder and former chair of the Diaspora, Migration and Media section of ECREA. Her expertise in the area of cultural diversity and mediation has led to a number of invited consultancies and advisory roles for various organisations, including the Council of Europe; International Broadcasting Trust (IBT); Panos Paris; and Panos London. Her work has been published in English, French, Japanese, and Greek.

For more than 18 years, Myria Georgiou has been researching media and communication cultures and their role in constructing meanings of identity and citizenship. Her current research has three distinct, though interconnected, strands. The first strand examines media’s role in identity construction, especially among diasporic populations and migrants. The second strand focusses on the synergetic relation between the media and the city and the ways in which their close interconnection both depends on and informs urban difference. The third strand explores the ways in which cultural diversity is represented in the media workforce and outputs and the policy implications of such institutional practices. 

These strands are explored in a series of recent and current research project that include a study of communication infrastructure in multicultural London (LSE); a cross-European project on Arab audiences and citizenship (EU); and a study of digital politics among London’s youth (EU). She has recently completed a book titled Media and the City (2013, Polity Press).

Current and recent research projects

(2013-2014) Community through digital connectivity? Communication infrastructure in multicultural London.  LSE Seed Fund. (PI)

(2013-2015) Marie Curie Inter-European Fellowship: (UPLOAD) Upload. Urban Politics of London Youngsters Analyzed Digitally, Research Fellow: K.Leurs (PI)

(2008-2011) Media and Citizenship: Transnational Television Cultures Reshaping Political Identities in the European Union; European Commission FP7 (Partner, leading research in the UK, Spain, Cyprus)

(2007-2008) International Networks Collaboration Mediated Networks: Engendered Diaspora and Global Citizenship (funded by the World Universities Network and the University of Leeds)

(2007-2009) Representation of Minorities in the European Press - UK Team leader. EU Fundamental Rights Agency

Research students

  • Rahoul Masrani
  • Benjamin De La Pava Velez


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Myria Georgiou


NEW BOOK! Georgiou, Myria (2013) Media and the city: cosmopolitanism and difference. Polity global media and communication series. Polity Press, Cambridge, UK.  



Georgiou, Myria (2012) (ed) Gender, Migration and the Media. (Ethnic and Racial Studies). Routledge. UK.