Expert Image Professor Tony Barnett
Department of Social Policy, LSE Health
Experience keywords: Africa and Asia impact, HIV/AIDS, hope, infectious diseases, resilience, security

Expert Image Professor Catherine Campbell
Department of Social Psychology, LSE Health
Experience keywords: 'social capital', HIV/AIDS, agency, capacity building, care and caring relationships, collective action, community participation, education, gender, health-enabling schools, mental health, partnerships, power and empowerment, public health and health promotion, sexuality, social change, social development, social exclusion and social inequalities - with particular attention to the way in which health inequalities are shaped by social identities relating to gender, ethnicity, age/youth and socio-economic position, social movements, stigma

Expert Image Dr Ernestina Coast
Department of Social Policy, LSE Health
Experience keywords: HIV/AIDS, abortion, demography, gender, health, households, population, reproductive health, sexual health

Expert Image Dr Flora Cornish
Department of Methodology
Experience keywords: Community mobilisation, HIV/AIDS, collective action, community engagement and participation, community health interventions, dialogue, ethnography, evidence & evaluation in health research and policy, qualitative research methodologies, social movements, transnational development management

Expert Image Dr Emily Freeman
Department of Social Policy, LSE Health, Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU)
Experience keywords: HIV/AIDS, Long term social care, Research communication, abortion, ageing, demography, health communication, identity, older people, sexual health, sociology of health

Expert Image Dr Jason Hickel
Department of Anthropology
Experience keywords: African affairs, HIV/AIDS, agriculture, democracy, economic development, labour, liberalism, migration, political conflict, trade unions, violence, xenophobia

Expert Image Dr Timothy Hildebrandt
Department of Social Policy
Experience keywords: HIV/AIDS, LGBT, NGOs, activism, civil society, development, environment, politics of China, social entrepreneurship, survey research

Expert Image Dr Ruth Kattumuri
Asia Research Centre, Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, India Observatory
Experience keywords: Climate Change Policy, Disability, Education and Skills, Food Security, HIV/AIDS, Inclusion, Population and Development, Survey Methodology, Sustainable Growth

Expert Image Professor James Putzel
Asia Research Centre, Crisis States Research Centre, Department of International Development
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Philippines, South East Asia, agrarian reform, democratic reform, development studies, failed states, political economy, post-war states

Expert Image Dr Morten Skovdal
Department of Social Psychology
Experience keywords: Africa, HIV/AIDS, Kenya, Zimbabwe, antiretroviral therapy, caregiving children, cash transfer, childhood, community, education, gender, masculinity, orphans, social rotection, stigma, young carers

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