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Gains in life expectancy hide premature deaths among white High School Graduates

Modest gains in life expectancy among white high school-educated Americans obscure the fact that, in contrast to their more highly educated peers, significant numbers are increasingly dying young, reveals research from Dr Isaac Sasson, Fellow in Population Health in the Department of Social Policy.

Elena Mariani

Research Highlights: Germany, gender and job satisfaction

Germany may be the economic powerhouse of Europe, but cultural differences between East and West reveal some deeply ingrained views relating to gender, parenthood and job satisfaction. Research by LSE PhD student Elena Mariani sheds light on this topic. Elena Mariani is a third year PhD student in Demography and Population Studies, based in LSE’s Social Policy department.

Research Funding

New Research Funding

Dr Tiziana Leone has won research funding from the Titmuss Meinhardt research fund to study the onset of ageing in mid-life women in low income countries. Dr Leone will be presenting preliminary results at the University of Florence and University Bocconi in April/May.


 ALPHA- Ageing, Lifecourse and Population Health Analysis

The LSE ALPHA research unit undertakes and promotes quantitative research on lifecourse, socio-economic and intergenerational influences on individual and population health using a range of large scale, predominantly longitudinal datasets.  

LSE ALPHA brings together researchers working on a number of projects, including three research programmes funded by the European Research Council.



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