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Visa FAQs


Visa Information

Do I need a visa to study at the Summer School?

To check whether or not you need a visa for Summer School study, please visit the UKBA website| As visa regulations change frequently students are strongly advised to browse LSE's International Student Immigration Service| for information and advice.  If a student does require a visa then they should ensure that they apply to the Summer School as early as convenient as the visa process can often be very lengthy.

Will you provide me with a Summer School visa letter?

We will provide students with a Summer School visa letter that can be used for their visa application. The letter has been designed following instructions from the visa authorities and cannot be amended to suit individual requests.

How to Apply and Deliveries

How do I apply for a Summer School visa letter?

Following your acceptance onto the programme you will need to complete the following before requesting a Summer School visa letter:

  •  Pay tuition fees
  •  Pay accommodation fees if staying in LSE Halls.

If you are arranging your own accommodation we will state this on the letter and will not confirm any accommodation payment details.

A Summer School visa letter will not be produced until the above are completed. Once completed students can request the Summer School visa letter through a link that will be provided to them.

How long will it take for my Summer School visa letter to arrive?

There are two delivery options, we can either post Summer School visa letters out via regular mail or students can request that we send them by courier which will be subject to an additional charge.

Estimated delivery times for regular post:

 UK: 2-3 days

 Mainland Western Europe: 1 week

 Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey: 1-2 weeks

 USA, Brazil: 1-2 weeks

 India: 4-6 weeks

 China: 4-6 weeks

It is advisable to make tuition and accommodation (if staying in LSE Halls) fee payments as early as possible not only to secure your place, but also to ensure that you can apply for and receive your visa in time for the start of the programme.

Visa Problems

What if my visa is declined?

If your visa is refused we will refund you the following amounts:

Date of Withdrawal

Tuition Fee Refund (%)

Prior to the first day of the course


Within the first 2 days of the course


After the first 2 days of the course

No refund

If you receive a visa refusal you may wish to contact LSE's International Student Immigration Service| who can give you advice on how to proceed. Questions relating to the refund of Summer School tuition fees should be directed to the Summer School office.

Can I get a refund for my accommodation fees?

The accommodation refunds are separate to tuition fee refunds. Conditions and regulations regarding refunds can be found on the Accommodation| page.

Can I leave the country at weekends during the Summer School?

You will need to check with your local visa authority and/or with LSE's International Student Immigration Service| to see whether travel outside of the UK during the programme is allowed on your visa type.