Cities and Transport Infrastructure: Ethiopia's experience governing connection points

Research Seminar

Speakers: Philipp Rode, Biruk Terrefe, Nuno F. da Cruz
Respondents: Caroline Raes, Tom Goodfellow, Elleni Ashebir

This seminar will present findings from our recent research project Governing Infrastructure Interfaces and will provide an opportunity for feedback and discussion. 

The research investigates urban governance at two railway stations, in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa. These transport “infrastructure interfaces” are places where multiple infrastructure systems and stakeholders come together, and they provide a window into the politics of urban governance. 

The seminar will begin with a pre-recorded video from researchers Rode, Terrefe, and da Cruz, which will also be made available to view and respond to one week prior to the seminar. The recorded presentation will be followed by an hour-long discussion between the authors and invited respondents and will include the opportunity for all attendees to ask questions.

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To learn more about this research, please see the recently published article,"Cities and the governance of transport interfaces: Ethiopia's new rail systems," the Policy Brief, How to connect cities and transport infrastructure, and an accompanying blog post, "When infrastructures meet."  

Philipp Rode
is the Executive Director of LSE Cities and an Associate Professorial Research Fellow at LSE.
Biruk Terrefe is a PhD candidate, University of Oxford.
Nuno F. da Cruz is an Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, LSE Cities.

Caroline Raes is the Program Director for Urban Resilience at the Catholic Relief Services
Tom Goodfellow is a senior lecturer in Urban Studies and International Development at the University of Sheffield
Elleni Ashebir is the Cities and Urban Mobility Program Manager, at the Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities at WRI Africa, Addis Ababa


Thursday, 1 October