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Innovation in Europe's Cities

A report by LSE Cities on Bloomberg Philanthropies' 2014 Mayors Challenge

Innovation in European Cities sets out the context for Bloomberg Philanthropies’ European Mayors Challenge. It gives an overview of the key themes facing European cities today and provides an independent analysis of the 155 submissions to the award and a detailed review of the five winning proposals.

Throughout 2014, researchers from LSE Cities provided input to Bloomberg Philanthropies on the political and demographic make-up of selected European cities, and carried out an objective assessment of the level of innovation shown by the shortlisted proposals. In writing this report, LSE Cities also interviewed representatives from the winning cities.

The report draws on this work as well as research on the social, economic and political dynamics of cities at a global and European level, a wider lens through which to better view and understand the themes uncovered by the European Mayors Challenge. The report is organised into four parts. The first offers an overview of global dynamics in an urban age, the second identifies the key themes addressed by the submissions for the award and the third focuses on the five winning proposals. The report concludes by offering a series of reflections on what the European Mayors Challenge tells us about some of the key issues facing city governments across Europe today, and what lessons might be drawn from the Challenge, worldwide.

Publication date
February 2015
Bloomberg Philanthropies
LSE Cities report team
Ricky Burdett, Editor Peter Griffiths, Writer and Researcher Catarina Heeckt, Coordinator Francis Moss, Information Designer Shan Vahidy, Copy Editor
LSE Cities evaluation team
Ricky Burdett, Director, LSE Cities Peter Griffiths, Researcher, LSE CitiesCatarina Heeckt, Researcher, LSE Cities Philipp Rode, Executive Director, LSE Cities Tony Travers, Professor, Department of Government, LSE