2022-23 UG SSLC

Who's who on the Economic History Undergraduate Staff Student Liaison  Committee

SSLCs are an forum for undergraduate students to raise issues relating to their studies and experience, both in the department and at LSE in general. The committee meets once in Michaelmas and Lent Term.

The committee is formed of representatives from each EH undergraduate programme. One SSLC member is appointed to sit on the department's Teaching Committee. Additionally, each SSLC sends a representative to the School's Consultative Forum. It is chaired by the Undergraduate Programmes Director Oliver Volkcart, and attended by the Departmental Tutor, Helena Ivins.

Agenda, minutes and follow up reports are available on the EH-BSc Moodle page.

MT SSLC meeting: Wednesday 26 October, 2-4pm

LT SSLC Meeting: Wednesday 15 February, 2-4pm


Economic History Programme Representatives 2022-23

BSc Economic History

Year 1: Loukas Manolopoulos (; Eleanor Han (

Year 2: Ibrahim Deniz (

Year 3: Sully Newman (; Yiming Gao (

BSc Economics and Economic History

Year 1: Georgi Karadhzov (; May Ying Tang (

Year 2:  n/a

Year 3: Constantin Arminjon (; Mahnum Malik (

BSc Economic History and Geography

Year 1: Jonathan Bankier (

Year 2: Maxence Wilkinson (

Year 3: Josephine Precetti (

BSc Economic History with Economics

All years: Ojonugwa Okeme