Student Voice

 Your voice matters

Student feedback is very important to us - we needto know what we are doing well or need to do better in order to make sure that we are providing the best experience for our students. 

In the past student feedback has led to positive changes for Economic History students, including

  • a common room for our students to study and hang out in
  • an improved programme of departmental social events 
  • changes to programmes, new courses and diverse assessment methods, designed to meet our students' needs.

As a student at LSE you can give feedback in different ways.

Staff Student Liaison Committees for undergraduate, masters and PhDs 

You can tell your programme rep if you think something on a course or programme needs fixing or if you think it's great. SSLC meetings are also where we ask for feedback on new course proposals and LSE initiatives for students.

Elections for representatives take place at the start of term and meetings take place mid-term. Our minutes are available on moodle. Minutes are also sent to a central committee which reviews them to identify commonly identified issues across the School.

School teaching surveys (TQARO) 

These are annual surveys for each course which go to LSE's teaching quality team

LSE Undergraduate Survey

Modelled on the National Student Survey, first and second year undergraduate students are asked to rate their satisfaction with a range of quality issues at department and School level. High participation is important to identify where improvements need to be made and what departments are doing well.

National Student Survey

A national survey organised by the National Union of students for final year undergraduates. This survey has been instrumental in improving the overall student experience at LSE.

Departmental Teaching Committee

The DTC guides the design and delivery of teaching within the department. Each year a representative for undergraduate, master's and PhD programmes is included in the committee for their input.

Informal channels

You can pass on feedback to programme managers, your academic mentor, your lecturers and teachers - we all student feedback seriously and do our best to act on it as quickly and appropriately as possible.