Student Profile

Mariam Soorma

BSc Economic History (graduating 2024-25)

My programme is helping me to prepare for a career in commercial law because Economic History has the analysis of texts, opinions, and quantitative data at its core.


I was born in Sevenoaks, UK, and attended Tunbridge Wells Girls’ Grammar School, before enrolling at LSE.

Why did you choose to study Economic History at LSE?

I chose to study this course because history was my favourite subject at school but I was also intrigued by the opportunity to try economics without A-Level Maths. And with LSE being a specialist and world leader in social sciences, it was a no-brainer! The option to take an outside module from any department as part of my degree, such as a language, further appealed to my interests. The major takeaway from my studies so far would be that the study of History can be so much more international than we are led to believe in school. For example, I have found evaluating past economic policies in east Asia particularly fascinating.

What are you enjoying outside of the classroom?

I am enjoying being an EH102 course rep on the Staff Student Liaison Committee, engaging with the LSESU Law Society Pro Bono Division, and meeting friends for lunch in-between lectures of course!

What plans do you have after graduation and how is your programme helping you prepare for this?

I aim to secure a training contract with a commercial city law firm, undertake the law conversion course (GDL - Graduate Diploma in Law), and become a corporate solicitor. My programme is helping me to prepare for this because Economic History has the analysis of texts, opinions, and quantitative data at its core. In addition, I would hope to make my knowledge of Russian language and society a valuable asset to my future employer.

What are the benefits of studying in London?

Where do I begin? As there are so many other universities in London, it is inevitable that some of your school friends will enrol nearby, at KCL or UCL for example, so you can continue to meet up regularly. You also never feel isolated on campus because it is in the heart of London where there is so much else to see (and eat!) literally footsteps away. As an aspiring lawyer, it is definitely motivating to be so near the Square Mile and the Inns of Court. Suffice to say that London offers unrivalled convenience, opportunities for socialising, and cultural and training events.

Favourite place to study?

The train (I commute from home in Kent)!