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PhD Job Market 2022-23

Information about our job market candidates for the current academic year

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Mario Cuenda Garcia
PhD Candidate

Dissertation supervisors: Professor Max-Stephan Schulze and Professor Joan R. Rosés

Research Interests: Spanish Economic History; Taxation and Fiscal Capacity; Regional Inequalities; Political Economy

PhD Title:  Fiscal Capacity and Taxation Inequalities in Spain, 1901-1936.

Personal Website:

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Julius Koschnick

Dissertation supervisors: Prof Max Schulze, Dr Jeremiah Dittmar

Research interests: Long-run growth, human capital, knowledge transmission, and natural language processing

PhD Title: On the shoulders of science: Scientific culture as a driver of innovation during the early industrial revolution

Personal website:




Dr Nora Yitong (Nora) Qiu

Dissertation supervisors: Professor Patrick Wallis

Research interests: Long-run economic growth, consumption pattern, material culture, wealth accumulation, institution and law, global trade.

Thesis Title: Power and Identity in the Qing Empire: A Study of the Political and Economic Life of the Elites through Confiscation Inventories 1700-1912 

Sample Chapter: Chapter 4: Material Culture & Identity in the Households of the Manchu and Mongol Bannermen 

Photo of Aurelius Noble

Aurelius Noble
PhD Candidate

Dissertation supervisors: Professor Olivier Accominotti and Professor Neil Cummins

Research Interests: Community and social capital in banking during the first globalisation; financial history, network analysis; demography.

PhD Title: Social Capital in Late Victorian and Edwardian Banking 


Andrea Ramazzotti
PhD Candidate

Dissertation supervisors: Dr Gerben Bakker and Dr Natacha Postel-Vinay

Research Interests: Italian Economic History; Technical Change; Political Economy; Labour Economics; Economic Geography.

PhD Title: Structural change in the Italian economy, 1950s-1990s 

Personal Website: 


Juan Jose Rivas Moreno
PhD Candidate

Dissertation Supervisors: Dr Alejandra Irigoin and Professor Kent Deng

Research Interests: Financial & Business History; Accounting History; Spanish Empire; New Institutional Economics

PhD title: 'How was the Manila Trade financed? An alternative institutional approach to Early Modern long-distance trade finance, 1668-1830'