About LSE Arts

Just economics and politics? Think again. Although we do not teach arts or music at LSE, we do have a vibrant cultural side including: 

  • Weekly free music concerts in the Shaw Library
  • Our own orchestra and choir led by professional conductors
  • Film, art and photographic student societies
  • Works of art on campus and in our residences

Explore LSE arts and music and discover the School's cultural talent and diversity. Find out more by reviewing the headings below. 

Aims of LSE arts

  • Contribute to and enhance student and staff experience at LSE through a wide-range of arts activity.
  • To capitalise on a unique opportunity at LSE for developing an international programme of exhibitions and events which link art and the social sciences.
  • To promote an arts programme that is of interest to LSE student and staff and public audiences.
  • Establish a reputation for staging engaging and high profile exhibitions and talks which contribute to intellectual and cultural life and profile of the School.

Arts-related Student Union groups

Staff and the arts

Staff members are also involved in the arts - we have musicians, choir members, amateur and semi-professional actors and artists. Some notable figures include: 

  • The Critique of Pure Rhythm is based in the Philosophy Department and brings together both staff and students across the department to perform rock and roll.
  • The Funktionalists are based in the Anthropology Department, and perform a mixture of Salsa, Cumbia, rock and jazz.  
  • David Lewis, in the social policy department, is a singer/songwriter who has issued four albums of original songs since the 1990s. He has worked with John Wesley Harding, Al Stewart, and Peter Buck (REM). 
  • Nigel Rogers, former manager of the Centre for Economic Performance and the LSE Research Lab, is an amateur pianist and works closely with Music@LSE to source performers for the weekly lunchtime concerts. He won the Kemble Chopin piano competition, 2009 and was a finalist in the 2012 UK Piano Competition for Outstanding Adult Amateurs.  

Famous artistic alumni

And of course there is our alumni network 

  • Pat Barker, Author 
  • Rhian Benson, 2005 Mobo (Music of black origin) Jazz Act award winner
  • Maya von Doll, member of the Soho Dolls
  • Mick Jagger
  • Hilary Mantel, author 
  • Ron Moody, famed for his role as Fagin in Oliver!
  • Scott Neustadter, Hollywood writer, 500 Days of Summer is based on a romance at LSE
  • Matt Osman, bass player for Suede
  • Jules O'Riordan, former Radio 1 DJ  (aka Judge Jules)
  • Allan Segal, BAFTA-winning documentary film maker
  • Sophie Solomon, former member of world music band Oi Va Voi
  • Frank Turner, musician, Million Dead band member and solo artist.  

One way to connect with many of our arts and music related alumni is through the LSE Media Group, which organises various speaker events throughout the year.


Comments and suggestions

If you have comments, thoughts or suggestions about LSE Arts, the arts activities organised in and around the school or the schedule of events, we would love to hear from you. Please send you comments to