0 Armand Azra bin Azlira
Mr Armand Azra bin Azlira

Mr Armand Azra bin Azlira

PhD Student

Department of International History

English, Malay
Key Expertise
Colonialism, Anticolonial Movements, Nation-Building, Cold War

About me

Armand Azra bin Azlira is a full-time PhD candidate at LSE. Armand obtained a BA (with hons) in Modern History with Economics from the University of Manchester and an MSc in Empires, Colonialism and Globalisation from LSE. He has also done research with civil society organisations on topics such as public finance, governance, development, and migration in Malaysia. His PhD research topic focuses on the often-ignored anticolonial mass movements in Malysia and its relation to international politics and particularly the Cold War. Armand's thesis is supervised by Dr Kirsten Schulze, an LSE expert in Indonesian regional history and Political Islam.

From 2022 he has been co-convener of the HY509 International History Research Seminar.

Provisional thesis title

The End of Anticolonialism in Malaysia: From the British Recolonisation of Malaya to the 1969 Race Riots, c.1945-1969

Expertise Details

Post-Colonial Nation-Building; Anticolonial Mass Movements; Postcolonial Theory; ASEAN