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Sustainability Performances, Evidence & Scenarios (SPES)

Researchers from LSE International Inequalities Institute (III) are participating in a Horizon Europe project, Sustainability Performances, Evidence and Scenarios (SPES), that addresses the interconnections between economic growth, human flourishing, and sustainability.

The overall goal of the SPES project, is to contribute to the transition towards sustainable human development in European countries and regions.

In doing so, the SPES project will a) define an appropriate measurement and analytical framework on sustainable human development and transition performances; and b) enable an integrated policy approach towards sustainability based on the co-evolution of social, environmental, and economic dimension of sustainability.

The SPES project is based on an inter-disciplinary approach involving academic partners from multiple fields of social sciences, and the research design is based on a mixed-methods approach. Although quantitative methods are prevalent, these are combined with qualitative methods. The results will inform the implementation of existing policy frameworks, with a particular focus on the EC’s 2030 Agenda, the European Green Deal, and the Next Generation EU. This will give further strength to the transition towards sustainable human development in Europe.

The LSE III team, in collaboration with a team of researchers from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Belgrade, leads work package 6 titled 'Leaving no one behind and just transition. The empirical analysis performed under WP6 will identify the socioeconomic and demographic groups vulnerable to shocks directly and indirectly linked to climate change, for instance increasing energy prices. LSE will also contribute to work package 3 “Assessing and improving composite indices and measurement frameworks on transition performances”. LSE will provide an assessment of the feasibility of producing composite indicators relevant to measure transition performances in Europe by checking their statistical sensitivity and robustness. Furthermore, the team contributes to policy tools and stakeholder engagement models, and other work packages where project partners need feedback and support.


Participants and contributors at LSE III:

Project Partners:

Project period: 01/02/2022-31/01/2026

Financing: EU Horizon Europe

Project coordinator: Prof Mario Biggeri, UNIFI