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UK LIS Satellite Office

The UK LIS satellite office hosted at LSE will see the university serve as a major hub for cross-country studies in economic wellbeing and inequality.

LSE is already a major hub for the analysis of income and wealth distributions, and our new partnership with LIS will further strengthen that work.

Professor Francisco H. G. Ferreira


The UK LIS Satellite Office at the International Inequalities Institute (III) is located at London School of Economic (LSE) and coordinated by Dr. Nora Waitkus. The satellite office was launched in December 2021 to promote the usage of the LIS Databases in the UK and elsewhere, and to serve as the reference point for the liaison between LIS and the community of LIS data users in the UK. Read the press release on the launch.

LIS Virtual Desktop at the UK LIS Satellite Office

A part of this collaboration foresees the pilot set-up of a LIS Virtual Desktop to enable III-affiliated researchers to carry out analysis directly on the LIS databases from a secured room at LSE. The LIS Virtual Desktop is an important channel to increase the usage of the LIS databases.

The access will be strictly limited to students and researchers who are already registered as LISSY users and who have undergone a formal approval process, where a joint committee composed by LIS and III staff decides upon the appropriateness of the access on the basis of a brief description of the researcher and the research.

The application form is available here and should be submitted to

Call for papers for the inaugural III/LIS Comparative Economic Inequality Conference on 23-24 February 2023

The UK LIS Satellite Office and the International Inequalities Institute (III) invite scholars working in the field of comparative economic inequality to contribute to the inaugural III/LIS Comparative Economic Inequality Conference

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The satellite office is composed of the following scholars:

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UK LIS Satellite Office
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