Dr Johan Ahlback

Dr Johan Ahlback

LSE Fellow in Quantitative Methods

Department of Methodology

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English, Finnish, Swedish
Key Expertise
Field Experiments; Behavioural & Distributive Politics; Electoral Integrity

About me

Johan Ahlback is an LSE Fellow in Quantitative Methods in the Department of Methodology. He obtained his PhD in the Department of Government, LSE in 2020, and before that an MSc in Political Science from Helsinki University. His doctoral research is a study of the challenges and possible remedies to electoral integrity in unconsolidated democracies with a focus on efforts to increase transparency in elections. Prior to joining the Department of Methodology, he was an LSE fellow at the Department of International Development.

Research interests 

Johan’s research interest centre on politics in low-income democracies, and in particular topics relating to elections and electoral integrity, representation, and distributive politics. Presently, his work focuses on the information that politicians hold about their constituents, possible biases in this, and how this impact their spending decisions.

His regional focus is on countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2016 he conducted extensive fieldwork in Malawi, conducting surveys and field experiments with local and national politicians on the allocation of foreign aid and evaluations on electoral integrity.

Methodologically, Johan applies quantitative methods using experimental and quasi-experimental research designs.

My research