Yuanmo He

Yuanmo He

PhD student

Department of Methodology

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English, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Inequality and social mobility, Social network analysis, Machine learning

About me

Yuanmo is a PhD candidate in Social Research Methods supervised by Professor Kenneth Benoit and Dr Milena Tsvetkova.

Yuanmo holds an MSc in Applied Social Data Science from LSE and a BSc in Social Sciences from University College London.

The substantive interest driving his PhD research is how socioeconomic inequality is manifested and reproduced in daily behaviours and social interactions. Specifically, his PhD aims to explore the relationship between socioeconomic inequality and social networks, employing a range of advanced data analysis and computational methods (e.g. social network analysis, machine learning, quantitative text analysis) on digital trace data (especially Twitter).

His broader research interests include inequality and social mobility, social network analysis, and computational social science. He is interested in the advancement of data science and artificial intelligence on two sides: 1. how can they benefit our understanding of society and humanity; 2. what are their impacts on society and humanity.

Expertise Details

Sociology; Social psychology; Inequality and social mobility; Social network analysis; Machine learning; Quantitative text analysis; Social media data; Python and R programming