Dr Patrick English

Dr Patrick English

Visiting Fellow

Department of Methodology

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Key Expertise
R, Python, Bayesian inference, Time series analysis, Simulation.

About me

Dr. Patrick English is the Political Research Manager at YouGov, with special responsibility for consulting on advanced statistical methods and complex academic projects. From 2018-2021, he was a Lecturer in Data Analysis at the University of Exeter, having completed a PhD at the University of Manchester between 2014 and 2018. He is also a Consultant Psephologist for the BBC. His academic research focuses on diversity and representation among election candidates, public opinion, and British Elections. His research at YouGov focuses on survey methodology, measurement, and myth-busting. He uses a wide variety of software and methods in his work in both academic and commercial settings, including languages such as R and Python and methods such as Bayesian inference, time series analysis, and simulation.

Website: www.pmepolitics.co.uk or https://pmenglish760543553.wordpress.com/