Miss Dallas O'Dell

Miss Dallas O'Dell

PhD student, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Sustainable consumption, Degrowth

About me

PhD Topic: Sustainable consumption

PhD Supervisors: Dr Ganga Shreedhar and Professor Susana Mourato 

Dallas holds a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University in Policy Analysis and Management, which incorporated economics, public policy, statistics, and sociology. She then worked in economic consulting in New York City before completing the MSc in Behavioural Science at LSE.

Now in the second year of her PhD in PBS, Dallas will be the MSc Quantitative Methods GTA, helping most directly with PB4A7 (Quantitative Applications for Behavioural Science) as well as some other quantitative courses in MT and LT and dissertation support.

Her research interest is in understanding individual and system-level changes toward promoting sustainable consumption, specifically in reducing overall consumption levels toward sufficiency. Her research applies a psychological and behavioural lens to reduced consumption and degrowth, and seeks to understand the connection between these individual- and system- level agendas, respectively. She is currently finishing her first thesis project on sufficiency-promoting marketing, beginning work on a project with Defra, and training to use the discrete choice methodology for another of her thesis projects.


  • Phelan US Centre
  • PhD Summer Research Grant