Dr Celestin Okoroji

Dr Celestin Okoroji

LSE Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Social Identity, Identity threat, Unemployment

About me

Celestin’s PhD research focused on the ways in which ideas associated with stigmatised groups become a part of stigmatised group member’s self-concept. The research explored how these processes may affect how stigmatised groups perform in evaluative situations and how others appraise them in these contexts. Specifically, the PhD research looked at how unemployed people are represented, the ways in which this representation manifests in unemployed person’s self-concept and what ramifications this has for their ability to successfully attain gainful employment.

Celestin’s research was awarded the Popular Prize and the 2016 LSE Research Festival. In 2017, he was awarded the highly competitive two-year Cumberland Lodge Scholarship.


Expertise Details

Identity Threat; Stigma; Social Identity Theory; Social Representations Theory; Stereotype Threat; Welfare Benefits; Unemployment