Dr Denise Baron

Dr Denise Baron

Visiting Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Political psychology, behaviour, and communication

About me

Denise is a political psychologist, researcher, and strategist. She has recently completed a PhD in Political Psychology and Social Science Research Methods at the London School of Economics where she is currently a Visiting Fellow. Denise has over a decade of experience working on political campaigns in the US, UK, and Europe.  

Denise's academic research and doctoral thesis focus on the application of social psychological theories, specifically group orientations like group identification, authoritarianism, and egalitarianism, to investigate perceptions of candidates, vote choice, and election prediction. Denise also researches national nostalgia, perceptions of the past, and their influence on political attitudes as well as neoliberal ideology and its psychological underpinnings.  

Denise's professional focus is on applying these theories and using cutting-edge methods to answer the most pressing political questions of our age. On campaigns, Denise has overseen teams who conduct campaign analytics, build and maintain data systems, conduct public opinion research and polling, and produce campaign communications, such as digital and mail programmes. In the UK, Denise has served as the Head of Insight and then Deputy Director of Campaigns for the Liberal Democrats as well as the Head of Insight for the People’s Vote campaign. In the US, she has worked for and consulted on numerous gubernatorial, congressional, and legislative campaigns.  

Expertise Details

Psychology of vote choice and candidate evaluation; Group-based preferences and coalitional psychology; National nostalgia; Causal inference in political communication; Survey experiments; Conjoint and choice experiments; Election modelling;