Dr Ivan Kroupin

Dr Ivan Kroupin

Research Officer / Post-Doctoral Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

English, Russian, Spanish
Key Expertise
Cultural evolution; cross-cultural psychology; theory; field work

About me

Dr. Kroupin's work focuses on 1) cultural systems and 2) culture and cognition. Central questions include: 1) How are historical trends in cultural organization extensions of biological dynamics? What predictable consequences does this have for past and ongoing changes to cultures and economies? 2) What predictable consequences do changes in culture have on the mind? Have we underestimated the role of culture in shaping core cognitive systems? If so, why and how? What does this imply for how we should best organize our social systems?

In theory, Dr. Kroupin's work explores basic dynamics which may underpin both biological and cultural evolution. He is interested in providing an account of how certain core processes consistently shape organization across biological levels - our cells, selves and societies. As co-director of a fieldsight in northern Namibia, Dr. Kroupin uses field experiments as his primary empirical tool. His work concerns the interrelated changes in culture and cognition as societies transition from small-scale, traditional groups to increasingly large-scale, market-integrated societies. He is particularly interested in formal schooling as both symptom and driver of cultural-cognitive change.

Dr. Kroupin's empirical work spans a range of cognitive domains including abstract reasoning, executive function, language, visual processing and social cognition. 

Expertise Details

Developmental cognitive science; cross-cultural psychology; theoretical frameworks in psychology; fieldwork; cross-cultural research