Dr Lucia Sell-Trujillo

Dr Lucia Sell-Trujillo

Visiting Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

English, Spanish
Key Expertise
Social psychology, Organisational psychology, Entrepreneurship

About me

Lucia Sell-Trujillo is currently a lecturer at the University of Seville, Spain. Previously, she worked as a Cultural Mediator for the Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville, where she is still partially involved through her research activities related to the use of arts and culture in marginalised communities. She is particularly interested in the use of flamenco as an artistic resource for generating alternative narratives and social action.

She has two main areas of research interests, the first one is related to territorial marginalisation and social stigmatization. As part of this line of research she has developed a number of academic and dissemination articles related to long-term unemployment stigmatization, socio-psychological aspects of entrepreneurship, networking as a social practice, and social movements and alternative forms of organised resistance. She has been involved in various artistic and cultural projects, such as music videos, cultural magazines, and is active in various artivist groups.

She is also very active on issues related to produsage in youth and gender violence. She has published and worked in cyberactivism and flamenco and is currently involved on a Spanish National Research Project that aims to understand how young people’s production of (audio)visual content in social networks recreates youth stances on gender relations – and gender inequalities - and portrays violent situations in all its shapes and forms leading to polarization.

Prior to joining the University of Seville, Lucia held various lecturing and research positions at EUSA University Campus (Seville), International Center at University Pablo de Olavide (Seville), CEA Study Abroad (Seville; University of New Haven). Also, she has a vast experience in social research from a policy angle. She has worked in research and innovation policy at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre and Spain’s national research council (Consejo Superior de Investigación Científica), as well as in employment policy at the UK’s Department of Trade and Industry. She has also researched about perceptions of pay fairness, employee’s attitudes towards pay determination and the discursive representations of executive pay and wage inequality.

Lucia is a Social Psychologist (Spain). She has a MSc and PhD in Social Psychology from the LSE. Her doctoral thesis explored the social practice of relating as conocidos (roughly acquaintances) in a closed Spanish community.

Expertise Details

Territorial marginalisation; Social stigmatization; Artivism; Produsage; Gender violence; Organization and social movements; Networking as a social practice