Mr Eric Schnell

Mr Eric Schnell

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Behavioural Economics; Social Psychology; Cognition; Culture

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PhD Topic: The Cultural Evolution of Cooperation and Conflict

PhD Supervisor: Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Eric has an honours BSc in Cognitive Science and Mathematics, with a minor in Religious Studies, from the University of Toronto. His interests are in cooperation, corruption, and the role of culture in influencing these. He studies these questions using empirical data as well as mathematical and computational modelling.

His research consists of three key questions: (1) What are the psychological processes that underlie the structure of human social networks? (2) How do perceptions of zero-sum and conditions of resource availability affect cooperation and conflict? (3) How do the factors that affect cooperation and conflict interact with the structures of human social networks?

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Behavioural Economics; Social Psychology; Cognition; Culture