Ms Jaesun Chae

Ms Jaesun Chae

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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English, Korean
Key Expertise
Social Communications, AI, Techno-Movement

About me

PhD Topic: A Comparative Study of Techno-Movement and Hype Cycle of AI 

PhD Supervisors: Professor Martin Bauer and Dr Dario Krpan

Jaesun’s research aims to investigate the vibrant mobilization efforts of AI through social and psychological lenses, from the time of AlphaGo to the recent thriving issue of Generative AI & ChatGPT, and many other milestones of technological development that come in between. Jaesun’s research interests are focused on questions such as: How is technology being mobilized in society? What are the forces that drive the movement, and how is the public affected? In addition, she intends to explore the techno-movement of AI in different domains of the world through comparative research – first analyzing the UK where the study is centered, and then South Korea, the researcher’s home country as well as the venue of the past re-vitalization of AI through the AlphaGo event.    

Prior to joining the PhD at the LSE, Jaesun has worked as a General Manager of the Marketing Communications Department at Samsung Corporation, where she built expertise in PR and business communications. Her diverse experience in leading digital/media campaigns also contributed to her deep interest in social trends and technology. 

Jaesun holds an MSc in Social and Public Communications from the LSE with Distinction, where her research interest regarding AI first began through her dissertation ‘A Case Study of Techno-Movement through the AI Go-match in Korea’. She also holds a BA in Psychology and English Literature from Yonsei University, Korea. 

Expertise Details

Social Communications; AI; Techno-Movement