Ms Katharina Heby

Ms Katharina Heby

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Croatian, English, French, German, Spanish
Key Expertise
Organisational Psychology, Organisational Change

About me

PhD Topic: The emergence of entrepreneurship-as-practice

PhD Supervisor: Dr Lucia Garcia-Lorenzo

My research investigates the emergence of entrepreneurship from a practice-based approach. I am using a longitudinal qualitative research design to follow nascent entrepreneurs on the ground focusing on how they develop entrepreneurship practices and what are the challenges they face to do so over time. I am conducting my research in the German-based start-up ekipa, which specialises in managing innovation projects and where I am embedded as an employee so I can use both ethnographic and autoethnographic methods of data collection to observe directly how entrepreneurship practices emerge. My overall aim is to expand our knowledge on the process of entrepreneurship as it becomes an established practice. 

I am also working as a research assistant with Dr Lucia Garcia Lorenzo and Dr Marcelo Ramella on a longitudinal research project exploring the implementation of post-crisis financial regulation in an international financial centre. 

I have a Bachelor in Psychology from Tilburg University in the Netherlands and an MSc in Organisational and Social Psychology from the LSE.

Expertise Details

Organisational Psychology; Organisational Change