Ms Leah Jeongwon Park

Ms Leah Jeongwon Park

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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English, Korean
Key Expertise
Behavior change, Social psychology, Content moderation

About me

PhD Topic: Categorizing antisocial user activities on Twitch (live-streaming platform)

PhD Supervisors: Professor Saadi Lahlou and Professor Alex Gillespie

Leah’s research investigates the different motives and behaviors of antisocial users in online platforms, mainly Twitch. In particular, she is interested in categorizing the distinct activities to design effective interventions from a UX, policy, and educational perspective.

Leah holds an MSc in Media and Communications with Distinction from the LSE where she wrote her dissertation on the effects of online life stories of older people on mitigating ageism among younger adults. She also obtained a BSc in Communications from Yonsei University, Korea.

Currently, she works as a senior policy specialist at Twitch, analyzing the platform’s content policies to create a safer environment for vulnerable users. Prior to this experience, Leah worked at the Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC), the statutory media content regulator in Korea, where she focused on broadcast content regulation and public affairs.

Her other interests include the usage of personal life stories to change people’s negative perceptions on outgroups, which is based on her multiple years of experience as a street interviewer for Humans of Seoul

Expertise Details

Behavior change; Social psychology; Content moderation