Mr Nils Mallock

Mr Nils Mallock

PhD student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Arabic, English, German, Mandarin
Key Expertise
Political protest, Extremism, Collective action, Spatial analysis

About me

PhD Topic: Political behaviour and protest participation in high-risk environments

PhD Supervisor: Dr Christian Krekel and Professor Liam Delaney

Nils’ research examines individual motives and effects of political behaviour (such as protest, political violence and collective action) in contexts where such engagement involves high risks or personal costs, such as in conflict regions or following natural disasters. He specialises in empirical fieldwork (so far in Iraq, Lebanon and the West Bank) and quantitative methods, including large-scale surveys, randomised controlled trials, and spatial analysis. He has also conducted field interviews with activists, civil society leaders and members of armed political groups. His PhD aims to contribute to a more robust understanding of the behavioural mechanisms underlying pressing policy issues, such as political unrest, extremism and constructive collective action. 

Prior to starting the PhD, Nils completed an MSc in Behavioural Science at the LSE. His dissertation involved a series of field experiments in Iraq, testing whether psychological uncertainty can impact on people’s intentions to engage in peaceful and violent political action.

Having lived at various times in Germany, China, the Middle East and the UK, Nils has a broad background working in asset management and policy think tanks. He holds an undergraduate degree in economics and finance, during which he spent a year abroad studying Chinese diplomacy at Fudan University in Shanghai.


Rob Farr Award for Best Dissertation (London School of Economics and Political Science, 2019), LSE PhD scholarship (2021)

Expertise Details

Political protest; Extremism; Collective action; Spatial analysis