Ms Pinar Jenkins

Ms Pinar Jenkins

PhD Student

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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English, French, Turkish
Key Expertise
Wellbeing, decision-making, interpersonal mediated communication

About me

PhD Topic: Wellbeing and decision-making in computer-mediated communication

PhD Supervisor: Professor Liam Delaney 

Pinar’s research investigates decision-making and wellbeing in computer-mediated communication. More specifically, she studies how wellbeing and decision-making differ in videoconferences compared to face-to-face interactions and how videoconferencing environments can be designed to promote wellbeing.

Her first project compared the conformity levels of audio-only participants with video participants to social pressure in a videoconference. Her second project leverages a longitudinal dataset to test how conducting an activity remotely affects wellbeing.

Pinar holds an MSc in Behavioural Science from the LSE and a BA in Economics with a double minor in Psychology and Management from McGill University. Prior to joining the PhD, she worked as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Turkey and as a freelance consultant in the UK.