Ms Sharon Raj

Ms Sharon Raj

PhD student, Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Behavioural Science; Wellbeing; Time Perception; Unemployment

About me

PhD Topic: The inter-relationships between unemployment, time structure, time perceptions and wellbeing

PhD Supervisor: Professor Liam Delaney

Sharon’s research is focused on exploring the inter-relationships between time structure, time perception and unemployment / underemployment. Specifically, she is interested in the extent to which periods of unemployment and / or underemployment weaken an individual’s time structure and / or distort various aspects of their perception of time and, if so, what effects these changes have on wellbeing, mental health and intertemporal decision making. 

Separately, Sharon is also interested in employee experience and EDI within corporate settings. She has conducted research for LSE’s Inclusion Initiative and is currently a class teacher (GTA) on the International Human Resource Management course in LSE’s Department of Management.  

Sharon is also a GTA for the PBS Department's MSc Behavioural Science programme. 

Sharon has Master’s degrees from the LSE in both Economics and Behavioural Science, is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has over 20 years of work experience in economics, governance and operational roles within the financial services industry.


LSE PBS Hilde Himmelweit Award for Best Overall Performance – MSc. Behavioural Science (Class of 2020-2021)

Expertise Details

Behavioural Science; Wellbeing; Time Perception; Unemployment

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