Dr Edward Hughes

Dr Edward Hughes

Visiting Fellow

Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

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Key Expertise
Deep Reinforcement Learning, Multi-Agent Systems, Open-Endedness

About me

Dr Edward Hughes is a scientific leader in the field of AI and an expert on fast adaptation. His teams have pioneered large-scale reinforcement learning, the paradigm of Cooperative AI, and ad-hoc collaboration between machines and humans. Edward is a generalist, equally passionate about science, engineering and leadership. He draws inspiration from diverse sources, including cultural evolution, social psychology, economics, organisational design, and meta-learning. He is happiest driving rapid, measurable progress on high-risk, high-impact projects.

Edward is currently a Staff Research Engineer at Google DeepMind. He received his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Queen Mary University of London on applications of string theory to particle scattering.

Expertise Details

Deep Reinforcement Learning; Multi-Agent Systems; Open-Endedness