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Our programmes

We deliver a range of programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate, executive and doctoral research level

Our research and teaching is connected to what is happening in the world today, and our students, from all over the world, help shape our direction and provide constant inspiration

Professor Liam Delaney, Head of Department

The Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science is home to a truly interdisciplinary faculty and research team, spanning research areas from social psychology to behavioural economics, political psychology to organisational culture, consumer behaviour to public engagement, and community development to global health, happiness and well-being.

Our teaching is connected to what is happening in the world today, and our students from all over the world, help shape our direction and provide constant inspiration.

Undergraduate programme

BSc Psychological and Behavioural Science

This programme is accreditated by the British Psychological Society (BPS)

This programme provides a distinctive social science and practical policy-oriented approach to psychological and behavioural science. As well as developing core knowledge and skills in psychological and behavioural science you will learn to analyse ways in which its theories and findings can be applied to the real world, to use them to understand important social issues and propose and assess possible solutions. 

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Master's programmes

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MSc Behavioural Science

On this MSc programme you will explore the ways behavioural science can be used to change human behaviour in corporate and public environments. This MSc teaches skills in state-of-the-art methodological and statistical approaches that are necessary to evaluate the effectiveness of behavioural change interventions.

MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

Taught and directed by experienced organisational psychologists, this long-running and successful MSc programme addresses the interface between social psychological processes and organisational systems, and how these shape the performance and well-being of individuals and institutions. By pursuing this degree, you will learn about key organisational psychology processes such as innovation, learning and creativity, organisational culture and identity, leadership, decision making, well-being, and organisational change.

MSc Psychology of Economic Life

This MSc programme provides you with psychological knowledge to analyse economic phenomena and alternative business models. It teaches skills for change management and improving socio- economic systems and business models. This programme offers a range of choices in optional courses within the Department and the School so that you can deepen or widen your expertise, and take up the advanced study of particular aspects of economic life.

MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

This MSc programme explores the ways in which culture and society shape how people think, behave and relate to each other. You will draw on theories, concepts and methods of social and cultural psychology to understand how societies think, how communities develop a sense of identity and how they represent controversial and important issues affecting local and global public spheres.

MSc Social and Public Communication

The programme is recognised by the professional certification of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in the UK.

This MSc programme will explore communication as a social psychological process central to the conduct of everyday life. Communication is both the foundation of social life as well as a professional activity to influence and persuade, to gain advantage, to build and sustain trust, and to reach a common understanding on a controversial issue.

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Executive MSc Behavioural Science

This Executive MSc is designed for professionals who want to augment their current career or expand their career options by learning how behavioural science can provide insights to human cognition and behaviour. The Executive MSc Behavioural Science provides students with the opportunity to study alongside their employment to enhance and support their professional development. 

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This programme offers the chance to undertake a substantial piece of work that is worthy of publication and which makes an original contribution to the field of psychological and behavioural science. 

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