LSE Expertise: Ukraine and the global response

LSE academic research and commentary on the unfolding situation in Ukraine

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Four questions about the West's future support for Ukraine Dr Spyros Economides, EUROPP

Europe, Ukraine and ''the West'' Dr Spyros Economides and Andréa Delestrade, EUROPP

Why the conflict in Ukraine will be a long one Professor Barry Buzan, EUROPP

Can China bring peace to Ukraine? Professor Michael Cox, EUROPP

What impact have EU sanctions had on the Russian economy? Gubad Ibadoghlu, EUROPP

Russia-Ukraine war: Kyiv’s four key principles for securing a lasting peace Mariia Zolkina, EUROPP

How will the Russia-Ukraine war end? Professor Robert Wade, EUROPP

Russia’s attempt to annex Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk has undermined its claim on Crimea Eleanor Knott, EUROPP

What impact would the EU’s Russian oil ban have on the Kremlin? Gubad Ibadoghlu, EUROPP

The impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the UK economy Ethan Ilzetzki, Vox

The communicative architecture of the wartime border: Control, hope and solidarity Professor Myria Georgiou, Media at LSE

What if Germany is cut off from Russian oil and gas? Professor Benjamin Moll, LSE Business Review

Russia-Ukraine War: Who is winning the Info-War? Professor Bart Cammaerts, Media at LSE

Characterizing War in a Trade Context Dr Mona Paulsen, Opinio Juris

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine signals new beginnings and new conflicts for the European Union Dr Floris de Witte, European Politics and Policy

What does international law have to do with the war in Ukraine? Professor Susan Marks, British Politics and Policy

Britain’s post-humanitarian response to Ukraine: Preserving a racist migration regime Professor Lee Edwards, Media at LSE

Is insurgency the only way to resist occupation in Ukraine? Dr Ian Madison, International Development

Russia’s war with Ukraine: Asking the right questions Lloyd Gruber, USA Politics and Policy

From the role of international volunteers to debates about Western intervention, there are many comparisons to be made between Ukraine and the Spanish Civil War Professor Paul Preston, British Politics and Policy

Russia cannot win the war Professor Paul De Grauwe, European Politics and Policy

Exposing the myth of Western betrayal of Russia over NATO’s eastern enlargement Professor Kristina Spohr, British Politics and Policy

A ‘Diplomatic Solution’ to the Ukraine Crisis Professor Robert Wade, European Politics an Policy

The responsibility of intellectuals in times of war Professor Paul Kelly, LSE Impact Blog

Putin’s War and the Making of a Ukrainian Jewry Dr Marina Sapritsky-Nahum, Religion and Global Society

The banality of complicity: the social origins of Putin’s war and repression Professor Tomila Lankina, British Politics and Policy

The Ukraine crisis: A problem of trust Professor Jim Hughes, European Politics and Policy

The problem of tracing dirty money from Russia: How ‘illegal’ are ‘illicit’ flows? Tom Mayne, Tena Prelec and Catherine Owen, European Politics and Policy

Russia is gambling that it will withstand the US and NATO’s response to its invasion of Ukraine Professor Peter Trubowitz, USA Politics and Policy

Russia’s war against Ukraine is not only a challenge to territorial borders. It is Putin’s war to change Europe’s order Professor Kristina Spohr, British Politics and Policy

A Cold Wind Blows from the East: What could Russia’s invasion of Ukraine mean for Taiwan? Mariah Thornton, China Dialogues

From Ukraine to a New World Order? China, Russia, Sun Tzu and The Art of War Professor Michael Cox, China Dialogues

“Axis of Inconvenience”: China, Russia and the Crisis in Ukraine Professor Michael Cox, China Dialogues

Ukraine-Russia crisis: Europe needs to rethink its security arrangements along the lines of the Helsinki Accords rather than of classic geo-political alliances like NATO Professor Mary Kaldor, British Politics and Policy

Western Ukraine vs Neutral Ukraine Dr Michael Muthukrishna

Media commentary

Two Kremlin Scenarios on Diplomatic Front (Ukranian), Mariia ZolkinaNew Voice

"Bloomberg Surveillance Simulcast" Full Show featuring Professor Peter Trubowitz, Bloomberg

Putin's Ukraine war should be talked about with youngsters, LSE rights advocate says Professor Sonia LivingstoneDaily Express

So geht es mit der NATO weiter (German) Professor Kristina Spohr, Bild am Sonntag

Would Germany go to war? featuring Professor Kristina Spohr, The New European

Putin’s war backfires on Russia by reviving the west Professor Kristina Spohr, Financial Times

Why did Nato enlarge? featuring Professor Kristina Spohr, Investment Monitor

Una visión histórica: la invasión rusa a Ucrania no implica una nueva Guerra Fría Professor Kristina SpohrPauta

Germany can afford to ban Russian gas completely, so why hasn't it? featuring Professor Benjamin MollThe Telegraph

Rusia lanza un ultimátum a la ciudad de Mariupol; Ucrania lo rechaza (Spanish) featuring Professor Kristina Spohr, Diario AS

Si Rusia ataca a Europa, tendremos que defendernos con las armas (Spanish) Professor Kristina Spohr, El Mundo

La Russie veut évincer les États-Unis d'Europe (French) Professor Kristina Spohr, Blick

As Europe opens it doors to fleeing Ukrainians, Britain adopts a ‘do-it-yourself’ asylum plan featuring Professor Tony TraversWashington Post

The case against punishing Russia at the WTO featuring Dr Mona PaulsenFinancial Times

Kristina Spohr, politóloga: «Si se enfrenta a una resistencia tenaz, Putin podría extender la guerra» (Spanish) Professor Kristina Spohr, El Debate

Russland will die USA aus Europa verdrängen (German) featuring Professor Kristina Spohr, Blick

Facebook says Putin's move to shut it down in Russia proves it's 'bad for dictators.' It's not that simple featuring Professor Charlie Beckett, Business Insider

Ukraine war: Are we on the brink of a global food security crisis? featuring Dr Nikhil Kalyanpur, Sky News

Putin quiere destruir el orden creado tras la Guerra Fría (Spanish) Professor Kristina Spohr, ABC International

‘It is my duty to fight’: Ukrainian boxing champs travel back home to join battle against Russia featuring Professor Charlie Beckett, NBC News

L'Ucraina e l'allargamento Nato: Innaro ha ragione, Putin no (Italian) featuring Professor Kristina Spohr, Europa Today

Ukraine war: Russia has become the world's most sanctioned country - but is the UK doing its bit? featuring Dr Nikhil Kalyanpur, Sky News

You Can’t Just Take a Russian Oligarch’s London Townhouse featuring Professor Jonathan Fisher, Washington Post

Is Vladimir Putin in trouble in Ukraine? The scenarios for Russia's leader faced with a surprising fight featuring Professor Tomila Lankina, ABC News

Seven ways to spot fake photographs of the war in Ukraine Lewis BushThe Art Newspaper

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has thrust crypto into the spotlight and raised 3 big questions featuring Garrick Hileman, CNBC

Ukraine invasion: Could Putin stand trial for war crimes and what punishment could he face? featuring Sky News interview with Professor Gerry Simpson

Western brands flee Russia in unravelling of ‘capitalistic diplomacy’ featuring Professor Vladislav ZubokFinancial Times

Entenda o que é a nova ordem mundial buscada por Putin no ataque à Ucrânia, segundo pesquisadora (Portuguese) Professor Kristina Spohr, Diario do Nordeste

The $300bn question facing central banks Ousmène MandengFinancial Times

Ukraine and Russia: how have relations soured since the fall of the Soviet Union? featuring Professor Vladislav Zubok, Financial Times

Russia's plan to fight back against Western sanctions featuring Professor Tomila Lankina, BBC Online

Is Putin’s Ukraine invasion about fossil fuels? featuring Bob WardThe Guardian

Russia’s FX reserves slip from its grasp featuring Ousmène Mandeng, Financial Times

Russia Talks with Trubowitz featuring Professor Peter TrubowitzBloomberg