Dr Charlie Rumsby

Dr Charlie Rumsby

Visiting fellow

Department of Anthropology

Key Expertise
Mainland Southeast Asia

About me

Dr Charlie Rumsby is a research Fellow at the Centre for Trust Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University with research interests in youth, children, belonging and citizenship. Geographically she focuses on mainland Southeast Asia, where she has conducted research with the Vietnamese diaspora in Cambodia since 2014. 

Charlie trained in anthropology at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies and Goldsmiths College, and went on to conduct an interdisciplinary ethnography at Coventry University for her PhD thesis. Her doctoral research, underpinned by the use of participatory and visual research methods, explored modes of identity and belonging among Vietnamese children living as de facto stateless in Cambodia. Emphasising children's perspectives Charlie's research highlights the ways children negotiate the undesirable realities of life of the margins, in particular children's experience of morality, religious conversion, ethnicity and inter-generational mobilities. 

Expertise Details

Identity; Belonging; Children and Youth; Statelessness; Southeast Asia Expertise: Visual Methodologies

Selected publications


Forthcoming (2022): ‘Children’s Experience and Practice of Belonging: the realities of integration among de facto stateless Vietnamese children in Cambodia’. Special issue on 'Children and Youth in Asian Migration: States, Families and Education' (eds) Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, Nicola Piper, Sari K. Ishii, and Carolyn Choi in positions: asia critique  

Rumsby, C (2020): Informal Christian education and emerging aspirations among de facto stateless children living in Cambodia. Special issue on ‘Youth, Aspirations and the Life Course: development and the social production of aspirations in young lives’ (eds) Nicola Ansell, Peggy Froerer and Roy Hujsmans. European Journal of Development Research 33(1).   

Rumsby, C (2020): ‘Retrospective (re)presentation: turning the written ethnographic text into an ‘ethno-graphic’. Entanglements Journal. (Autumn issue (3.3) Open Access ISSN 2516-5860 


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