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TPH organises events with academics, policy makers, and experts to discuss its recent research and approaches to tackling contemporary issues. We bring together specialists from different geographies, methodological backgrounds and experiences to foster developments in research and policy in the field of trade, investment, regulation, and sustainable development to name a few. Our experts also contribute as speakers and presenters providing insights into present debates.

We foster developments in research and policy in the field of trade and investment, regulation, sustainable development, and more

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8 June 2022: Roundtable
New Trends in Implementation and Enforcement of Trade and Sustainable Development Provisions

We are delighted to invite you to our virtual roundtable on 8 June 2022 to discuss new trends in implementation and enforcement in trade and sustainable development provisions in the European Union and beyond.

Register by 7 June latest by emailing Elitsa Garnizova at e.v.garnizova@lse.ac.uk.

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18 May 2022: ECIPE Webinar
Making Friends in Times of Trouble – EU and Mercosur Relationship and the Association Agreement

Join us for an exceptional discussion with leading experts María C. Latorre, Elitsa Garnizova, and Vanika Sharma on the potential impact of the EU-Mercosur Association Agreement and how the EU and Mercosur can use the agreement to strengthen their relationship.

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2 March 2022: LSE x FCDO Roundtable
Digital Trade with the Indo-Pacific

International digital trade is a significant driver of productivityand business growth in the UK. To keep digital markets open andminimise barriers to digital trade, the UK is already building anetwork of international agreements alongside partners acrossthe region.

As the global architecture that governs digital trade continuesto develop, the FCDO has asked the Asia Trade Centre and LSEConsulting’s Trade Policy Hub to develop the evidence base toengage partners in the region in discussions about how the UKcan further strengthen its digital trade relationship with countriesacross the Indo-Pacific. This is an important element of UK’s Indo-Pacific tilt and UK’s ambition to be the European partner with thebroadest and most integrated presence in the region.

This exclusive roundtable aims to validate the team’s findingson what the UK’s priorities in the Indo-Pacific ought to be.

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19 November 2021: Webinar
Ten “Quick Wins” for More Equitable Trade

This fall, the TradeExperettes released Ten “Quick Wins” for More Equitable Trade, a report that highlights a pragmatic set of deliverables that could help take the discussion on trade and gender to the next level. In contributing to this dialogue, the TradeExperettes invites you to explore how we can encourage the WTO and other international organizations to move from being gender aware to gender-responsive. 

The panel will discuss how trade facilitation can improve women’s participation in the global trading system, how we can promote inclusivity when drafting trade policies, the role of professional development in empowering women, and the importance of data in driving the conversation forward.

Please join us for a lively conversation featuring Ambassador Stephen de Boer, Nicole Bivens Collinson, Elitsa Garnizova, Hanna Norberg, and moderated by Johanna Hill. 

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4 February 2021: Online Event
Is our trade policy hindering fair competition?

Minister for International Trade joins British Poultry Council’s online event on UK-EU trade disruptions and their impact on food flow and business viability.

The British Poultry Council and leading thinktank ResPublica hosted an online event on 4th February to discuss the new trade deal with Europe and what this really means for food producers and consumers in the UK. The event highlighted the trade barriers faced by UK as a third country and ways in which Government can support producers to minimise impact on flow of foods and ensure businesses remain viable.

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7 January 2021: Expert Panel
A look at the impact of Brexit on food security in the UK

With the UK leaving the EU on January 1st, what will be the impact of Brexit on the UK food supply chain long-term? And what impact will Brexit have on food security? Will new regulations impede deliveries and create new hurdles for producers and manufacturers importing and exporting into the country from Europe? This expert panel aims to find out in the run-up to Brexit.

Recorded on December 16th, 2020, with the Brexit trade deal hanging in the balance, the panel looks at the impact of Brexit on food security in the UK and how traders, importers and exporters will fare outside of the EU. Joining host Stefan Gates are David Wells, Chief Executive, Logistics UK, Dr Elitsa Garnizova, Director of LSE Consulting’s Trade Policy Hub, Ian Wright, Chief Executive, Food & Drink Federation, and Tony Heron, Professor of International Political Economy, University of York & Co-Investigator, IKnowFood Project.

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