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Building on three key resources – constantly evolving evidence-based research, expert knowledge and experience, and our network of experts - we provide customised, rigorous and specialised research on trade and investment policy issues. 

We offer customised products and services, from economy wide impact assessments to capacity building

Our work allows governments to resolve complex decisions about trade policy trade-offs and companies to understand implications for their business, giving them competitive advantage. We also provide clear analysis of trade agreements, trade negotiations, and other trade policies, which allows companies to make use of new market openings and navigate regulatory regimes.

By applying tailored proprietary toolkits, organisations can better measure complex problems, such as the impact of trade policy, the implementation of trade agreements, and stakeholder engagement in trade policy. Finally, we also engage in a range of training, capacity-building and stakeholder consultation activities.

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Impact studies

Assessing regulatory, economic, social, environmental and human rights impact of trade and investment agreements and engaging with stakeholders via different channels. Services include economy-wide studies, sectoral deep-dives and risk analysis across specific supply chains. 

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Trade and investment policy advice

Providing studies to support policy-making in relation to ongoing and potential trade and investment negotiations, comparative studies, analysis of regulatory issues and policy-making capacity. Services include policy and advocacy papers on different aspects of international trade.  

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Capacity-building and technical assistance 

Capacity-building and in-service training programmes to strengthen policy-making on trade and investment policy issues and organising workshops, events to engage with the wider public. Services include tailor-made trainings for negotiators and other stakeholders and teach-ins. 

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Design and implementation of proprietary toolkits

Designing toolkits to provide policy analysis by combining indicators, data, and recommendations in an easy to use framework. Services include toolkits to monitor and assess the enforcement of trade agreements and the impact of agreements. 

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Stakeholder consultation activities

Planning and implementing comprehensive stakeholder engagement initiatives via a variety of tools: surveys, interviews, roundtables, focus groups and conferences. Services include mapping stakeholders, identifying activities, and conducting field work.