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The Trade Policy Hub provides customised, rigorous, and specialised consulting on trade and investment policy issues. Our work enables governments to resolve complex decisions about trade policy trade-offs and companies to navigate regulatory regimes, make use of new market openings, and gain competitive advantage.

We offer customised products and services, from economy wide impact assessments to capacity building

Our four core services


Trade Policy Analysis

Data collection, analysis, and policy recommendations on a range of issues including market access, regulatory issues, government procurement, investment, horizontal issues, and approaches including firm-level analysis.


Impact Assessment

Economic, social, human rights and environmental analyses of trade and investment arrangements and agreements, including inter alia the use of qualitative and quantitative approaches. These assessments focus on unilateral, bilateral, plurilateral, multilateral, or sectoral initiatives.


Capacity Building and Technical Assistance 

Capacity building and in-service training programmes to strengthen policymaking on trade and investment issues. Organising workshops and events to engage with the wider public. Services include tailor-made training for negotiators and other stakeholders and teach-ins.


Stakeholder Engagement

Surveys, questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, and roundtables to ensure the views of different stakeholders are represented and analysed in a systematic and balanced manner. Services include methodologies for data collection and analysis, relying on a large network of experts, practitioners and stakeholders in the UK, EU and third countries.