Values in International Cooperation

Scoping study for the British Council – Lot 2

December 2019

Values in International Cooperation_Scoping Study_Lot 2

To what extent do shared values help build positive perceptions of different groups, whether within countries or across international boundaries? And to what extent do they enable cooperation on important global challenges, such as international development, climate change and technology?

This scoping report is part of The Big Conversation, a new research programme on values in cultural relations and international cooperation. The report aims to provide a systematic review of the existing evidence base on the role of values in international cooperation, identifying key research gaps in relation to the programme objectives, and making practical recommendations on the design of a practicable pilot programme.

The report consists of three stages. The first is the conceptual framework which governs the approach to the research question. The second stage summarises some of the key findings in the existing literature. The final stage, having identified a research gap which the British Council is well-placed to fill, offers recommendations for how the Council may want to proceed in the next step of this project.

Client: British Council

Authors: Mathias Koenig-Archibugi and Maximillian Afnan

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