Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy

Natural resources are more and more depleted, but the global population keeps growing at an increasing pace, reaching an estimated 10 billion by 2050. Governments, policymakers and industries face the ongoing challenge to align their interests whilst also ensuring a sustainable future.

We examine climate change and the environment to better ensure a sustainable future

Our academics and experts use innovative approaches in conducting research across a wide range of topics. Looking at climate policy, they focus on issues such as climate vulnerability, the economic and political dimension of climate policy, and climate risk management.

Similarly, we explore the implementation problems of environmental policies, the economic challenges of applying the Paris Agreement, how to transition to low-carbon economies, and the management of natural resources and ecosystems.

With a focus on a transition to the green economy, we investigate the potential for a just transition - particularly in regards to the labour market.

Who we work with

Along with external experts, academics at LSE research centres and departments such as the Department of Geography and Environment, the Grantham Research Institute and the ESRC-funded Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy produce content that it is informative as much as provocative for policymakers, governments and private companies.

Areas of expertise

Green economy and climate change

What we do: 

Basic and applied research on sustainable development and climate change matters, as well as their intersection with social and economic issues, to support key decision-makers and stakeholders with the design and implementation of national and global climate agendas.

Examples of our work:

Dependencies of Food System Transformation in the Wider Economy and Society
WWF-UK, 2019

Financing the Sustainable Urban Transition in China and Mexico
World Resources Institute (WRI), 2018-20

Websak 17/2050 the New Climate Economy Project
World Resources Institute (WRI), 2018

WISER Decision Making in Face of Rainfall Uncertainty
Met Office, 2018

NCE Coalition for Urban Transitions: Finance Workstream
World Resources Institute & Department for International Development (DFID), 2017

Green Growth Transition Report
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2017

Supporting the lessons from the Paris Agreement and preparing for the next steps of climate action
United Nations Foundation, 2016

Better Finance
World Resources Institute (WRI), 2015 & 2018

Core experts:

>   Dr Alex Bowen
>   Bob Ward
>   Declan Conway
>   Dimitri Zenghelis
>   Karlygash Kuralbayeva
>   Professor Lord Nicholas Stern
>   Dr Philipp Rode
>   Professor Sam Fankhauser

Carbon and energy schemes

What we do: 

Providing support and expert advice throughout the design, implementation and assessment of policy and regulation of carbon markets and other energy sources, as well as the areas affected by extractive activities and agriculture. We work with both public and private sectors, supporting EU and extra-EU cooperation in energy-related issues, and providing technical assistance in carbon emission reduction targets, among others.

Examples of our work: 

Support to the Commission for the Assessment of the interaction between Quantity and Price-based Market Stability Elements in Carbon Markets
European Commission – DG CLIMA & Vivid Economic Limited, 2018-20

Implementation of an Emission Trading System in the Republic of Korea
ICF Consulting Services Ltd., 2019

RESTORE+: Integrated Decision Support System to Address Restoration and Sustainable Agriculture on Degraded Land International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 2019

Support to Urban Sustainability Assessments - Developing the Integrated Knowledge Base
European Environmental Agency & Collingwood Environmental Planning Ltd., 2019

Energy and Climate Change in the Mediterranean Region
European Committee of the Regions (CoR), 2016

Core experts:

>   Baran Doda
>   Dr Luca Taschini
>   Dr Michael Mason
>   Professor Sam Fankhauser
>   Professor Simon Dietz

Environmental due diligence and regulations

What we do:

Research and expert advice to support the implementation of environmental regulation in the public and private sectors. We inform policymakers about potential economic, social and environmental ramifications of different measures, and develop cost-benefit and impact assessments of regulation alternatives that have implications for the environment.

Examples of our work:

Study on Due Diligence Requirements through the Supply Chain
European Commission – DG for Justice and Consumers, 2019

Aviva Expert Panels to implement the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
Aviva plc, 2018

Report on Climate Change Litigation
Holcim Technology Ltd, 2017

Options for a Strategic Approach to Pharmaceuticals in the Environment
Deloitte France & BIO Intelligence Services S.A.S., 2016

Core experts:

>   Nick Robins
>   Professor Simon Dietz
>   Swenja Surminski
>   Dr Veerle Heyvaert

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