Technology and Innovation

As technology progresses at an unprecedented pace, society, businesses, governments and international organisations have to face the challenges caused by this era of change. With both the present and future of technology in mind, we focus on the consequences on people’s lives, the potential economic impact of technological changes, and the policies regulating all industries.

Addressing key developments in technology to positively impact society, whether it’s social, cultural or environmental

How do organisations evolve as they are subject to transformative forces? How are pervasive technologies shaping the present and future of the business sector? We are interested in the transformative power of the new digital revolution we are living. We examine, for example, the changes in customer’s expectations and behaviours following the advent of the smartphone, artificial intelligence and big data.

More specifically, we look at issues surrounding the growth of digital information, mobile technologies, cloud computing and internet-enabled business activities. In addition to this, we work on IT-enabled innovation, with regards to enterprise mobility, issues of security and privacy, system development and implementation practice, outsourcing of IT and business services.

What are the benefits of adopting a new technology infrastructure in key public sectors, such as public health and the justice system? In what way can video hearings, for example, contribute to a system that is just, proportionate, and accessible to all users and thus transform and modernise the justice system?

We aim to have a positive impact on society, whether it’s social, cultural or environmental and work towards tackling the world’s most pressing challenges. One of our recent projects, for example, focused on the economic and social benefits of promoting diversity and inclusion in business innovation, whereas another project has examined the driving forces behind and obstacles to innovation in higher education.

Who we work with

We conduct leading research on a diverse range of areas, from internet governance, net neutrality, and protection of intellectual property rights, to privacy and security and e-commerce. Given the broad scope of our work, our experts come from different LSE departments and specialised centres, such as the Department of Management, the LSE Tech research group, the Department of Law, the Department of Media and Communications, and The Marshall Institute.

Areas of expertise

New technologies in industry and society

What we do:

Applied research and expert analysis on the implications of digitalisation along value chains concerning emerging technologies (e.g. AI, robotics, automation, blockchain, big data) in different industries, individuals and society. We provide insights on how disruptive innovations affect entrepreneurial outcomes, as well as the resistance and receptivity to new technologies through multiple research methods.

Examples of our work:

Digitalisation - Taking charge of the change
Gowling WLG & McCann Central, 2019

The Evolving Role of ICT in the Economy
Huawei Technologies, 2018

Sky High Economics - Chapter One: Quantifying the commercial opportunities of passenger connectivity for the global airline industry
Inmarsat & Ogilvy, 2017

Autonomous Vehicles - Negotiating a Place on the Road
Goodyear, 2016

Travel Distribution: The end of the world as we know it?
Amadeus & Kwittken, 2016

Forum Papers on Medical Innovation: Assessing value and funding innovative therapies and options for the sustainable financing of innovative therapies
Gilead Sciences, 2015

Core experts:

>   Dr Alexander Grous
>   Professor Bradley Franks
>   Dr Carsten Sørensen
>   Dr Chris Tennant
>   Professor Martin W Bauer
>   Dr Mirko Draca
>   Professor Piotr Fryzlewicz
>   Rafal Baranowski
>   Ralf Martin
>   Rosa Sanchis-Guarner

Innovation cultures in business

What we do:

Analysing strategies, policies and programmes aimed at incorporating innovation cultures in different areas of business across various sectors, including the start-up ecosystem. Our focus is on providing evidence-based knowledge on how emerging technologies and innovative tools can become part of organisations in general. 

Examples of our work:

The Transformative Effect of Cloud on Firm Productivity and Performance: Defining the benefits and impact of cloud as a 21st Century digital enabler
Amazon Web Services, 2018

Global Review of Diversity and Inclusion in Business Innovation
Innovate UK, 2019

Follow-up Research on Incubators & Accelerators Nesta, 2018

NEOM Media City: Proposal to Help Conceptualising a Sustainable City Platform for the Future
OneFour LLC, 2018

The Cost of Cloud Expertise
RED & Rackspace, 2017

Innovation Process Design Support
EDF Energy, 2016

Research and Innovation Systems and Processes
GEMS Eduventure Limited, 2015

Core experts:

>   Dr Alexander Grous
>   Dr Carsten Sørensen
>   Dr Christian Busch
>   Dr Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe
>   Dr Robyn Klingler-Vidra
>   Professor Saadi Laahlou
>   Professor Tom Kirchmaier
>   Dr Will Venters

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