Dr Idil  Elveris

Dr Idil Elveris

Visiting Fellow

European Institute

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English, German, Turkish
Key Expertise
Access to justice; conflict resolution; socio-politics of legal profession

About me

Dr. Idil Elveris is an academic researcher and and activist working at the intersection of law and politics. Over the past 20 years, she has worked on issues such as access to justice, socio-politics of the legal profession, and alternative dispute resolution.

Idil pioneered the use of legal clinics in Turkey, enabling law school students to develop their skills in settings such as prisons, a practice that was since then adopted by the Ministry of Justice of Turkey and replicated in several other universities. In 2007, she established a pro-bono clearing house for NGOs and law firms which also went into the strategic plan of the Ministry. In 2015 Idil created the Twitter hashtag #sendeanlat (tell your story) that led to a marked increase in awareness of sexual harassment in Turkey and triggered academic research on the topic.

Idil worked with women's rights organisations and Turkish football clubs to fight the use of sexual themes and content by fans, initiating legal proceedings that led to several court cases. Idil is a certified mediator and produces the conflict resolution podcast `We can find a way`: https://soundcloud.com/anlasabiliriz-wecanfaway?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

Idil’s research and teaching interests include correctional policy, inter-group conflict in the judiciary and legal profession. Idil obtained her doctoral degree at Istanbul Bilgi University with a thesis that examined the relationship between the state institutions and the legal profession. She worked as a legal consultant at the U.N. Interim Administration in Kosovo. She also practiced law in New York, UK and Turkey.

She is currently a visiting fellow at European Institute at London School of Economics and Political Science.